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Generic Name and Formulations:

Rolapitant 166.5mg/92.5mL (1.8mg/mL); per vial; emulsion for IV inj.


Tesaro, Inc.

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Indications for VARUBI IV:

In combination with other antiemetic agents in adults for the prevention of delayed nausea and vomiting associated with initial and repeat courses of emetogenic cancer chemotherapy, including, but not limited to, highly emetogenic chemotherapy.


Give Varubi before starting each cycle, but at no less than 2 week intervals. Infuse IV over 30mins. ≥18yrs: Highly emetogenic cisplatin-based chemotherapy: 166.5mg within 2hrs prior to chemotherapy with dexamethasone 20mg given 30mins prior to chemotherapy and a 5-HT3 receptor ­antagonist (see drug's full labeling for appropriate dosing) on Day 1, then dexamethasone 8mg twice daily on Days 2–4. Moderately emetogenic chemotherapy and combinations of anthracycline and cyclophosphamide: 166.5mg within 2hrs prior to chemotherapy with dexamethasone 20mg given 30mins prior to chemotherapy on Day 1 and a 5-HT3 receptor antagonist (see drug's full labeling for appropriate dosing) on Days 1– 4.


<18yrs: not established.


Soybean oil allergy (IV). Concomitant CYP2D6 substrates with narrow therapeutic index (eg, thioridazine, pimozide): may result in QT prolongation and Torsades de pointes; consider alternatives if use required.


Risk of anaphylaxis and other serious hypersensitivity reactions with the IV emulsion; permanently discontinue if occur. Legume allergy or other related allergens; monitor closely. Consider interactions with CYP2D6 substrates before starting treatment. Avoid in severe hepatic impairment; monitor if use cannot be avoided. Females: may impair fertility. Pregnancy. Nursing mothers.

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Pharmacological Class:

Substance P/NK1 receptor antagonist.


See Contraindications. Potentiates CYP2D6 substrates (eg, dextromethorphan) and possibly others; see full labeling. Antagonized by strong CYP3A4 inducers (eg, rifampin); avoid. Tabs: potentiates BCRP substrates (eg, methotrexate, topotecan, irinotecan) and P-gp substrates (eg, digoxin) with narrow therapeutic index; monitor if use cannot be avoided. Use lowest effective dose of rosuvastatin (see drug's full labeling for dosing). Monitor INR and PT with concomitant warfarin; adjust dose as needed.

Adverse Reactions:

Neutropenia, hiccups, abdominal pain, decreased appetite, dizziness, dyspepsia, UTI, stomatitis, anemia; hypersensitivity reactions.

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How Supplied:

Single dose pack—1 (2 x 90mg tabs); Single-dose vial—1