The FDA is warning consumers not to use Intestinomicina, a dietary supplement manufactured by Laboratorios Lopez, because it contains the prescription drug ingredient, chloramphenicol. Oral forms of chloramphenicol were formally withdrawn from the U.S in July 2012 due to the risk of serious and life threatening injuries (eg, bone marrow toxicity).

Intestinomicina is marketed as a treatment for infectious diarrhea and acute gastrointestinal infections. The product is labeled primarily in Spanish and lists the ingredient as “chloramfenicol palmitato,” or “chloramphenicol” in English, on the label. The product label also lists neomycin, an antibiotic often found in topical medications, and sulfonamides, sometimes called sulfa drugs. Neomycin and sulfa drugs also have the potential to cause a variety of adverse reactions, ranging from rashes and hives, to severe and life-threatening reactions.

It is recommended that consumers who have purchased this product should immediately stop taking it and consult with a health care provider.

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