Trividia Health (formerly Nipro Diagnostics) announced a voluntary recall of certain lots of TRUEread, TRUEbalance, TRUEtrack, and TRUEtest blood glucose test strips after determining that some may include open test strip vials within the sealed vial boxes. 

The performance of test strips may be compromised if they are exposed for long periods to the outside environment. The meter may provide incorrect low blood glucose results if a user were to unknowingly use test strips from an open vial. The affected products include six lots of TRUEread, 56 lots of TRUEtrack, 30 lots of TRUEbalance, and 160 lots of TRUEtest test strips packaged from April 16, 2015 to July 30, 2015 for sale. The recalled lot numbers can be found here

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Anyone in possession of the listed blood glucose test strips can return the affected lots and receive replacement test strips for free. Trividia Health is notifying pharmacies, durable medical equipment providers, mail order companies and distributors where the affected test strips are recommended or sold. 

For more information call (888) 835-2723 or visit