Contract Packaging Resources announced a voluntary recall of 11,640 boxes of Assured brand Naproxen Sodium Tablets due to some cartons containing bottles of Ibuprofen.  

The affected boxes (Lot # FH4102A) are of Assured brand Naproxen Sodium Tablets 220mg strength, 15-count containing bottles of Ibuprofen 200mg softgels.

Consumers who cannot take Ibuprofen due to allergies or other medical conditions may have unintentionally bought Ibuprofen 200mg softgels. Reactions can vary from mild irritation to serious reactions such as life-threatening anaphylaxis.

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Assured brand drug products were distributed to Dollar Tree and sold through its retail stores and website. Distributors and consumers are being notified for replacement of all recalled products. 

For more information call (336) 252-3422 or visit