Nova Max Test Strips May Report False Glucose Level

Nova Diabetes Care is voluntary recalling 21 lots of the Nova Max Glucose Test Strips due to the possible reporting of false, abnormally high blood glucose levels.

A false abnormally high blood glucose result could result in an insulin dosing error that could lead to serious health risks.

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The recall affects test strips distributed both in and outside the continental USA, as well as Nova Max Plus glucose meter kits that include test strips from the recalled lots. Nova Diabetes Care has notified all registered users, healthcare professionals, pharmacies, and distributors.

It is recommended to immediately discontinue using or distributing glucose test strips from the recalled lots. The full Recall Notice can be found here. Customers can also contact (800) 681-7390 to replace their affected test strip lot or meter kit at no charge.

For more information call (800) 681-7390 or visit