C.O. Truxton, Inc. announced a voluntary recall of one lot of Phenobarbital Tablets 15mg following a confirmed customer complaint about a labeling error on the declared strength of the tablets.

Phenobarbital is indicated for use as a sedative or anticonvulsant. The bottle, labeled as Phenobarbital 15mg, was found to contain Phenobarbital 30mg tablets. The mislabeled drug could lead to a potential overdose for patients or their pet(s), resulting in severe intoxication, cardiogenic shock, renal failure, coma or death.

The recalled product was supplied as 1000-count bottles with Lot #70952A and an expiration date of 11/17. The 15mg strength tablet has”West-ward 445″ debossed on one side and is blank on the opposite side whereas the 30mg strength tablet has “West-ward 450” debossed on one side and is scored on the opposite side. The affected Lot # was distributed to physician and veterinarian treatment centers. 

To date, the Company has not received any adverse reports related to this recall.

For more information call (856) 933-2333 or visit Truxtonpharma.com.