The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that two injectable products by Fresenius Kabi USA have been discontinued. The decision was business-related and not due to safety or efficacy issues with the products. 

Iodopen (sodium iodide injection) is indicated for use as a supplement to intravenous solutions for total parenteral nutrition (TPN) and is supplied in a 10mL single dose, flip-top vial in trays of 25. 

Sodium Acetate Injection 32.8% is indicated as a source of sodium, for addition to large volume intravenous fluids to prevent or correct hyponatremia in patients with restricted or no oral intake. It is also useful as an additive for preparing specific intravenous fluid formulas when the needs of the patient cannot be met by standard electrolyte or nutrient solutions. Sodium Acetate Injection is supplied as a 20mL single dose vial packaged in boxes of 25 and as a 100mL pharmacy bulk package in boxes of 25. 

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