The FDA is advising consumers not to purchase or use several weight loss supplements after it was discovered that they contain hidden ingredients:

  • Citrus Fit Gold
  • Hot Detox
  • Thinogenics
  • Tonic Life BP

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FDA laboratory analysis confirmed that Citrus Gold Fit, Hot Detox, and Thinogenics contain sibutramine, a controlled substance removed from the market due to safety reasons in October 2010. Sibutramine is known to increase blood pressure and/or pulse, and may pose a significant risk for patients with a history of coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias, or stroke.

Tonic Life BP contains phenolphthalein, an ingredient once found in OTC laxative products that was reclassified in 1999 as “not generally recognized as safe and effective” by the FDA.

These products are sold nationwide through various distribution channels, including the internet and retail stores. The FDA recommends consumers to discontinue and discard any dietary supplement with these labels immediately.

For more information call (888) 463-6332 or visit the FDA Safety Alert page.