FDA Finds Undeclared Salicylic Acid in Weight Loss Caps

Novacare announced a voluntary recall of dietary supplements marketed as an aid to weight loss. The recall was prompted after an analysis from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found undeclared salicylic acid in the following products:

  • Fataway Ultimate Stack
  • Thermo FX
  • MaxOut Body
  • Metabolic Accelerator
  • Burn fat Now
  • Thermogenic Fat Burner
  • TruTrim
  • Thin and Slim Naturally
  • Extreme Stack
  • Xcellerator
  • Asia Black
  • Black Widow 25
  • Methyldrene Original 25

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Salicylic acid, an acutely toxic compound, is harmful if orally ingested. Consuming salicyclic acid may result in nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal irritation, hearing loss, sweating, blurred vision, mental confusion, cerebral edema, and cardiorespiratory arrest, which may be life-threatening. Patients who are allergic, are elderly, have a history of stomach ulcers or bleeding, consume ≥3 alcoholic drinks per day, or take concomitant salicylate-containing medication may be at higher risk for toxicity.

Novacare is notifying distributors and customers and is arranging for return of all recalled product.

For more information call (861) 261-2252 or visit FDA.gov.