FDA: Anabolic Steroids Found in Multiple OTC Supplements

[UPDATE 8/2/13: Purity First Health Products announced a recall of two lots of Healthy Life Chemistry B-50 (#F03Q and #C02R; 100 capsules), one lot of Healthy Life Chemistry Multi-Mineral (#12-829; 200 capsules), and all lots for Healthy Life Chemistry C (#E03Q; 200 capsules). Upon testing, the presence of dimethyltestosterone was found in the Multi-Mineral and Vitamin C capsules.]

The FDA is warning consumers to not use or purchase Healthy Life Chemistry By Purity First B-50 manufactured by Mira Health Products Ltd. It is being marketed as a vitamin B supplement on various websites and in retail stores.

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The product was shown to contain methasterone, a controlled substance, and dimethazine. Both ingredients are anabolic steroids and should not be included in a dietary supplement. Use of anabolic steroid-containing products may cause acute liver injury, which may lead to hospitalization. Long-term complications include adverse effects on blood lipid levels, increased risk of heart attack and stroke, masculinization of women, testicle shrinkage, breast enlargement, male infertility, and short stature in children.

Currently, the FDA has received notice of 29 adverse events associated with Healthy Life Chemistry By Purity First B-50. Adverse events include fatigue, muscle cramping, myalgia, as well as abnormal laboratory levels for liver and thyroid function, and cholesterol levels.

Healthcare professionals are advised to ask their patients about any dietary supplement use, especially in patients exhibiting signs associated with the use of steroids or steroid-like substances (eg, liver injury, kidney failure, stroke, blood clots, DVT/PE).

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