Cumberland announced a recall of six lots of Acetadote (acetylcysteine) injection, 20% solution (200mg/mL) in 30mL single dose glass vials as a precautionary measure based on observed particulate matter found in a very small number of vials. The source of the particulate matter was from the glass vial produced by a former supplier.

The following lots are being recalled:

  • 090304 (expiration Feb 2011)
  • 090331 (expiration Feb 2011)
  • 090401 (expiration Mar 2011)
  • 090511 (expiration Apr 2011)
  • 090602 (expiration May 2011)
  • 090616 (expiration May 2011)

Acetadote is indicated to minimize hepatic injury after acetaminophen overdose.

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