Beware of Ebola Supplements Sold Online, Warns FDA

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers not to purchase or use products sold online claiming to prevent or treat the Ebola virus.

Since the outbreak of the Ebola virus, the FDA has seen and been notified regarding products claiming to prevent or treat the Ebola virus. Currently there are no FDA-approved vaccines or drugs to prevent or treat infection by the Ebola virus. While some experimental Ebola treatment and vaccines are under development, there are no approved vaccines, drugs, or investigational products targeting the Ebola virus available for purchase on the internet. Government regulations prohibit dietary supplements from claims of preventing or curing diseases.

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Consumers who have seen or purchased these products are encouraged to report them to the FDA. Individuals promoting these unapproved and fraudulent products must take immediate action to amend or remove these claims, or face potential FDA action.

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