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Early intrauterine Zika infection linked to birth defects among infants in the US French Territories

March 20, 2018

A prospective cohort including pregnant women in the US French Territories with PCR-confirmed Zika virus (ZIKV) infection found a 7% overall risk of neurologic and ocular defects among subsequent offspring.

Human neural stem cell grafts in rhesus monkeys improve motor function after injury

March 20, 2018

Following cervical spinal cord injury, rhesus monkeys were grafted with human neural progenitor cells.

Flucytosine plus fluconazole is noninferior to amphotericin B in treating cryptococcal meningitis

March 20, 2018

Treatment of cryptococcal meningitis with two weeks of flucytosine and fluconazole was noninferior to two weeks of amphotericin B.

Hemodynamic markers of pulmonary hypertension in HFpEF are associated with mortality

March 19, 2018

Pulmonary hypertension associated with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (PH-HFpEF) is common in patients undergoing a right heart catheterization.

Ticagrelor and clopidogrel have similar major bleeding rates following thrombolytic therapy

March 19, 2018

Use of ticagrelor resulted in similar rates of major bleeding compared to clopidogrel in patients with ST elevation myocardial infarction treated with thrombolysis.

Significant variation in mortality trends in substance use disorders among US counties

March 15, 2018

Mortality rates decreased for alcohol use disorders, self-harm, and interpersonal violence between 1980 and 2014.

Colonoscopy significantly reduces mortality from colorectal cancer in Veterans Affairs study

March 14, 2018

Colonoscopy in veterans was associated with reduced mortality from both left and right-sided colorectal cancer.

Compliance-linked incentives increase infant immunizations rates in rural India

March 14, 2018

Infantile immunization rates were higher among children whose caregivers received compliance-linked incentives when compared to those who received only mobile phone reminders and those who received no intervention.

Intensive blood pressure control not linked to changes in cerebral perfusion in cerebral small vessel disease

March 14, 2018

In patients with severe cerebral small vessel disease, a strategy of intensive blood pressure control did not significantly alter whole brain blood flow when compared to standard blood pressure control.

No difference between tenofovir and placebo in reducing perinatal transmission of hepatitis B

March 13, 2018

Hepatitis B e-antigen (HBe-Ag) positive mothers receiving tenofovir daily from 28-weeks gestation to 2 months postpartum did not show significant reductions in HBV transmission rates compared to placebo treated participants.

Stricter state firearm laws associated with lower rates of firearm suicide and homicide

March 13, 2018

Strong state firearm laws were associated with lower firearm suicide and homicide rates and overall suicide rates regardless of surrounding state laws.

iPad app that allows patients to order tests doubles colon cancer screening rates in study

March 13, 2018

Digital health intervention resulted in significantly higher colon cancer screening rates among participants.

Increased inhaled glucocorticoids do not prevent asthma exacerbations in children: The STICS trial

March 12, 2018

In children age 5 to 11 with mild-to-moderate persistent asthma treated with daily inhaled glucocorticoids, quintupling the dose of inhaled glucocorticoids during the initial signs of worsening asthma control did not reduce the rate of severe exacerbations.

Opioids show no benefit for treating chronic musculoskeletal pain versus non-opioid treatments

March 12, 2018

In this pragmatic, randomized controlled trial, opioids did not result in better pain management or function compared to non-opioid treatments for patients with chronic pain.

Single PSA screening increases prostate cancer detection but does not change mortality

March 12, 2018

In this randomized controlled trial, men who were screened with a single PSA test had higher diagnoses of prostate cancer than those who were unscreened.

Sexual minorities more likely to become pregnant as teenagers

March 12, 2018

Female sexual minorities, such as those identifying as lesbian or bisexual, were at increased risk of experiencing teen pregnancy when compared to their heterosexual peers.

Balanced crystalloids decreases adverse kidney events compared to saline among critically ill

March 06, 2018

Use of balanced crystalloids (lactated Ringers or Plasma-Lyte A) was associated with a significant reduction in acute kidney injury events compared to normal saline among intensive care unit (ICU) patients.

Policy statement outlines ways to improve pediatric medication safety

March 01, 2018

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) provided a policy statement outlining recommendations to reduce pediatric medication dispensation errors and adverse drug events in emergency rooms.

Vegetation size >10mm associated with increased risk of mortality in infective endocarditis

February 28, 2018

In this systematic review and meta-analysis, patients with infective endocardititis with vegetations greater than 10mm in size had significantly increased risk of systemic embolism and mortality.

Early dermatology consultation linked to improved diagnostic accuracy and care in cellulitis

February 28, 2018

Among patients admitted to the hospital for a provisional diagnosis of cellulitis, early dermatologic consultation was associated with improved recognition of pseudo-cellulitis, decreased antibiotic use, and earlier discharge.

Anthropometric failure in children related to intra-population variation in health determinants

February 23, 2018

Differences in health determinants within populations have a greater effect on anthropometric status of children than differences in population level health determinants in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Aspirin comparable to rivaroxaban for extended venous thromboembolism prophylaxis following arthroplasty

February 23, 2018

Patients initially treated with rivaroxaban following total knee or hip arthroplasty experienced similar rates of venous thromboembolism (VTE) regardless of continued rivaroxaban use or switching to aspirin for extended VTE prophylaxis.

Thrombectomy improves functional outcomes for imaging screened patients 6 to 16 hours after stroke

February 23, 2018

Patients presenting with ischemic stroke 6 to 16 hours after they were last known to be well had improved functional outcomes at 90 days if treated with thrombectomy and medical therapy compared to medical therapy alone.

No benefit of sodium bicarbonate or acetylcysteine for prevention of complications after angiography

February 15, 2018

Amongst patients undergoing angiography, neither sodium bicarbonate nor acetylcysteine were effective in preventing a composite outcome of death, need for dialysis, or persistent kidney injury.

Influenza vaccine not associated with increased risk of epilepsy in children

February 15, 2018

No increased risk of incident epilepsy was seen among children who received influenza vaccination during the 2009-2010 influenza season in Norway.

Quality of care for transient ischemic attack and minor stroke vary across country

February 13, 2018

In this study about quality of care for patients with TIA or minor stroke, there was substantial variation in adherence to guidelines for patients treated at Veteran's Affairs (VA) hospitals across the country.

ICD placement in CKD patients increases hospitalizations without survival benefit

February 13, 2018

Adults with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and heart failure with reduced LVEF who received implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) did not differ from matched non-ICD patients with relation to all-cause mortality.

Prazosin and placebo exhibit similar efficacy in post-traumatic stress disorder: The PACT trial

February 12, 2018

In patients with nocturnal symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), prazosin did not significantly reduce nightmares or improve quality of sleep compared to placebo at 10 or 26 weeks.

Differences in sudden unexpected infant death rates reported between states

February 12, 2018

National sudden unexpected infant death (SUID) rates had the steepest decline during the 1990 to 1998 study time period, followed by slower decline during 1999 to 2015.

Preoperatively diagnosed patent foramen ovale linked to increased perioperative stroke risk

February 08, 2018

A preoperatively diagnosed patent foramen ovale was associated with an increased risk of stroke within 30 days of non-cardiac surgery. With Evidence Rating Level: 2 (Good).