Weekly Dose

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 87

This week we have news of the FDA requesting a change to statin prescribing labels, a new vaccine for streptococcus pneumoniae, a new plaque psoriasis cream, a stem cell therapy gets fast tracked as a possible Parkinson disease treatment, and there’s a new treatment approved for Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 63

On the first MPR pod of 2021 we cover the latest COVID-19 vaccine news including admin. scheduling and production; A diagnostics test that may be giving false negative results; Bristol Myers Squibb withdraws an indication for Opdivo; And experts vote on the best diets for 2021.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 30

We run through the latest COVID-19 news including results from a remdesivir trial; The blood purification system OK’d for patients in the ICU; A chloroquine trial halted early due to deaths; The saliva test that detects COVID19; And a bleaching agent product that is claiming to prevent COVID-19.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast: Episode 17

In our first episode of 2020 we cover new management guidelines in osteoarthritis; Recommendations for the use of testosterone therapy; The best diets for 2020; Two drug recalls; And a new drug approved for the treatment of migraines.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast: Episode 12

This week we talk about the possible NDMA in ranitidine products; Approval of a new flu vaccine; The return of an antiarrhythmic agent; A new treatment for H. pylori infection; and the risk of biotin interference in test results that could lead to missed diagnoses.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast: Episode 10

This week we talk about the resurrection of Biogen’s novel Alzheimer treatment; A “landmark” approval in cystic fibrosis; Expanded indication for Farxiga; The first topical minocycline formulation for acne vulgaris; and the Johnson & Johnson baby powder recall.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast: Episode 9

This week we talk about new treatment approvals for acute migraine, dry eye disease and schizophrenia; a new indication for Xarelto; and the CDC issue an interim guidance for physicians regarding electronic cigarette, or vaping, product use-associated lung injury, or ‘EVALI’.