Movie Villain Dermatology 101

  A study published in JAMA Dermatology highlighted some interesting and important aspects of how dermatologic conditions are used to depict villains in film. Specifically, the study highlights how compared to movie heroes, the incidence of certain dermatologic features are significantly higher among villains. The authors believe that such depictions may contribute to prejudice in…

Certain Personality Traits Linked to Social Media Addiction

Neuroticism increased the likelihood of addiction while conscientiousness had a decreasing effect. However, it was noted that in those with high levels of both neuroticism and conscientiousness, being a stressful and anxious person could override conscientiousness, and in-turn, control over social media usage.

Medical TV Dramas May Be Skewing Patient Expectations

Researchers have compared the portrayal of trauma patients from the first 12 seasons of the show Grey’s Anatomy (2005-16) to the experiences of real-life trauma patients, from the 2012 National Trauma Databank. They found distinctly differing outcomes between the two groups, which may, they suggest, have important implications.

HIV Privacy Breach Lawsuit Reaches Settlement

The privacy breach occurred in July 2017, when letters outlining that beneficiaries could now pick up their medications in person were sent in envelopes with large address windows which made private health information visible.