FLUCELVAX (inactivated influenza vaccine [Types A and B]) by Novartis

FDA Approves Novartis Flucelvax Vaccine

Novartis announced that the FDA has approved the use of Flucelvax (inactivated influenza vaccine [Types A and B]) for active immunization in the prevention of influenza in patients ≥18 years old.

No Autoimmune Safety Signal for Quadrivalent HPV Vaccine

Ten-Valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Effective

The pneumococcal conjugate vaccine containing 10 serotype-specific polysaccharides conjugated to Haemophilus influenza protein D, tetanus toxoid, and diphtheria toxoid as the carrier proteins (PHiD-CV10) is effective against invasive pneumococcal disease, including in infants using a 2+1 schedule.