Practice Management

A Practitioner’s Guide to REMS

Due to the increasing number of products out on the market, the FDA created REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies), which are required risk management plans that utilize risk minimization strategies beyond the professional labeling.The purpose: To ensure that the benefits of certain prescription drugs outweigh their risks. Learn more about REMS in this presentation.…

Memory Toolbox: 75 Tips to Transform from Amnesic to Elephantic

75 Ways to Transform Your Memory from Amnesic to Elephantic

Many people expect increasing memory loss as they age, but this memory loss can be reduced or stalled with some simple memorization techniques, physical exercise, and a reduction of stress. Here are 75 tips that can help you go from amnesic to elephantic within a few short weeks.

1. Develop a policy for provider-patient termination that is made available to patients at the initiation of service.

10-Point Patient Termination Plan

Have you ever wanted to fire a difficult patient? You know, those patients who fail to complete indicated tests, refuse necessary treatments, miss appointments, do not pay bills, are rude, unreasonably demanding, dissatisfied, dishonest, threatening, violent or litigious? When the patient-provider relationship is unable to continue towards a therapeutic goal, termination may become an attractive…