Latest Health Technology at CES 2021


  • VitalSight™ from Omron

    A remote patient monitoring service that a clinician can offer to patients with high risk levels of hypertension. The kit is delivered to the patient’s home and includes an Omron connected blood pressure monitor and data hub that are pre-set to share BP measurements with the patient’s physician. Commenting on the new service, Jeffrey Ray, Omron’s executive director of business and technology, said: “VitalSight encourages the patient to monitor more and automatically send that data to their physician. The service flags trends and changes in data and calls the attention of the care team to urgent data points.”

  • PopNatal from Nixxi

    PopNatal claims to offer an earlier, accurate way to determine a woman’s risk of preterm birth (prior to 37 weeks), without requiring a blood sample. The Company behind PopNatal, Nixxi, says that they can predict “nearly 10 times more women at risk for preterm birth than current screening” by having the patient enter information in a HIPAA-compliant portal, which is then processed and analyzed using a proprietary algorithm. Within 3 days, Nixxi will report the results to the physician. Avi Patil, MD, Nixxi’s chief executive officer and a maternal-fetal medicine physician, said: “Our team was determined to provide an easy-to-use, non-invasive and affordable tool to help arm clinicians and women with actionable information early in pregnancy.” The PopNatal health assessment is available now and costs $99.

  • Wellness Toilet from TOTO

    “This toilet will help and support you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” begins the video presentation for TOTO’s Wellness Toilet, a claim you don’t hear every day. The toilet analyzes users through 2 touch points that “cannot be found elsewhere; the skin and human waste." A synced smartphone app can give tips on dietary changes to improve your health. The toilet is also touchless, using sensors to raise and close the seat. Also incorporated is TOTO’s WASHLET, which extends from beneath the seat and includes a cleansing and drying cycle, reducing the need for toilet tissue.

  • BioButton™ by BioIntelliSense

    BioButton, a medical-grade disposable wearable that continuously measures temperature, heart and respiratory rate, is being touted as a tool that may help with programs for returning to work, school and travel. The device, which is a couple of inches in diameter, is single-use and can be worn for up to 90 days. The device syncs to an iOS or Android app via Bluetooth and provides vital sign trend reports that may detect signs of early COVID-19 infection. Based on the analysis, a ‘cleared’ or ‘not cleared’ status can be checked prior to entry at work, school or travel. James Mault, MD, CEO of BioIntelliSense, said: “The commercial launch of the BioButton COVID-19 symptom screening and vaccine monitoring solution is timely in addressing the growing challenge of safe return to worksites, school, travel, conferences and entertainment.” The BioButton received the Best of Innovation award at the CES 2021 Innovation Awards.

  • AirPop Halo With AirPop Active+ Smart Mast by AirPop Health

    The AirPop Active + Smart Mask is a new type of lightweight face mask with a 4-layer filter that creates a barrier down to 0.3 microns, equivalent to n95 masks. The mask includes a sensor, which pairs with a phone app that reports on local air quality, filter quality (when it is time to replace the mask’s filter), and breathing behavior (ie, breaths per minute, breaths per pace). The package comes with 4 filters and retails for $149.99.

  • Anura™ by NuraLogix

    Anura is an affective AI-based app that allows for contactless blood pressure measurement, it also measures heart rate, stress levels, BMI, and cardiovascular disease risks. According to the Company, clinical studies have shown that the app measures these indexes with medical grade accuracy. Using patented technology and the user’s video camera, the app is able to use light and the translucency of skin to capture changes in blood flow. Information is then extracted using machine learning algorithms; the whole process takes about 30 seconds. For personal use, the app can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android devices.

  • Bello by Olive Healthcare

    Bello is a portable scanner that directly measures belly fat using near-infrared spectroscopic technology. The user places the device against the upper and lower belly region; results are then sent to a smartphone app where the user can read the levels of subcutaneous and visceral fat. The app can track activity and provide food and diet suggestions. According to the Company, the medical-grade scanner was found to correlate highly with abdominal CT scans (over 80% correlation).

  • Flō by Fluo Labs

    Flō is being presented as a nonpharmacologic alternative for fighting seasonal allergies. By using infrared and near-infrared light, the Company claims the device can stop the release of histamines and reduce inflammation. The light therapy can be completed quickly by holding the device to each nostril for 10 seconds. In a pilot study, use of the device was associated with a 31% improvement in Total Nasal Symptom Score in patients with ragweed allergic rhinitis. Two additional clinical trials are being planned and the Company is pursuing FDA approval of the device for over-the-counter sale. Jan Enemaerke, Fluo Labs’ Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, said: “Flō will provide welcome relief to the millions of allergy sufferers around the world, especially for those who don’t want to or cannot take medication due to contraindications, pregnancy, heart or thyroid conditions and job restrictions.”

  • Nobi Smart Lamp by Nobi

    Nobi is an artificial intelligence ceiling lamp that can detect if a person has fallen. The lamp detects furniture and can differentiate between someone laying on a couch or bed and someone who has suffered a fall. When a fall is detected, the lamp is programmed to ask if the person is okay. If help is needed, the device will call a carer and through a two-way microphone, the carer can interact with the fallen person. Nobi can also be linked to smart locks, allowing a carer to gain entry to a house through an app should they need to. “Nobi’s mission is to help the elderly live at home on their own as long as possible without a care in the world,” said Roeland Pelgrims, co-founder of Nobi. “Nobi monitors older adults and provides communication between the resident and family members or caregivers. This really provides peace of mind.”

  • SelfSafe™ by SelfSafe LLC

    SelfSafe is a USB emergency ID bracelet that can store important documents including health records and medication lists. The password-protected and encrypted bracelet is water resistant, has 8GB of space, and can hold a diverse range of information. As the data is stored on the device and not in the cloud, it does not require an internet connection for access. The SelfSafe device can be plugged into the USB port of any PC.