Clinical Challenge: Scaly Bumps on Feet and Ankles

A 57-year-old woman is referred for evaluation of scaly bumps on her feet and ankles. She states that the condition has been present for approximately 20 years. Aside from mild itch, she had no symptoms of significance associated with the lesions. The patient’s medical history is significant for hypertension but not thyroid disease. Examination reveals…

Clinical Challenge: Scarred Hypertrophic Plaque on Leg

A 26-year-old woman is referred for evaluation of a bump under the skin of her left hand. The lesion has been slowly increasing in size over the course of a year. The patient denies previous trauma to the area and states the lesion is asymptomatic. Her medical history is unremarkable. Physical examination reveals a solitary, firm, flesh-colored papule. Light palpation does not elicit tenderness. No similar lesions are noted elsewhere.

Clinical Challenge: Asymptomatic Lesion on the Foot

A 4-year-old girl is referred for evaluation of a lesion on her foot that her parents noticed approximately 6 weeks ago. The patient is not bothered by the lesion and does not have similar marks elsewhere on her body. She is of normal weight, height, and mentation for her age. Triamcinolone cream was initially prescribed…

Clinical Challenge: Itching and Burning on the Arm

A 57-year-old woman presents with complaints of intense itching and burning affecting her left arm. The itch waxes and wanes in intensity with flares increasing in the summer months, particularly following sun exposure. Can you make the correct diagnosis?