Clinical Challenge: Itchy Rash on Infant

A 5-month-old Hispanic infant presents for evaluation of a rash involving his arms and trunk that has worsened over the past month. Can you make the correct diagnosis?

Clinical Challenge: White Spots on Hands and Arms

A 43-year-old Hispanic woman presents for evaluation of white spots that were first noted on the back of her hands approximately 3 months prior to evaluation and have spread to her arms and face. Can you make the correct diagnosis?

Clinical Challenge: Burning Rash on Scrotum

A 62-year-old man presents to the clinic with complaints of burning and itching of his scrotum that began several months ago. He initially self-medicated with over-the-counter hydrocortisone and anti-itch creams, which were not effective. A medical provider at an urgent care center diagnosed a fungal infection and he has been on oral terbinafine and clotrimazole…

Clinical Challenge: Large Growths on Head and Arm

A 38-year-old man is referred for evaluation of 1.5cm tender, nonhealing lesion located on the back of his head. The lesion was misdiagnosed in the emergency department (ED) as an abscess; when lanced, the ED clinicians discovered a solid mass. Mupirocin 2% topical ointment and cephalexin 500mg twice daily were prescribed and an emergent referral…

Clinical Challenge: Growth on Child’s Cheek

A 10-year-old girl is brought in for evaluation after her parents recently noted a growth located on her right cheek. The child has no discomfort and palpation does not elicit tenderness. She is of average height and weight and has no overt developmental abnormalities. Examination reveals a firm nodule with off-white coloration when squeezed. No…