Sleep-wake Disorders

Case: Hypertensive Crisis Following Use of Armodafinil + MAOI

By August 15, 2018

This case involved a 36-year-old female with bipolar disorder who presented to the emergency department (ED) with blurry vision, neck stiffness and the "worst headache of (her) life" after taking armodafinil with tranylcypromine.

Risk of OD Highest for First Days of Opioid + Benzodiazepine Use

June 25, 2018

The highest risk of overdose was seen on the first days of concurrent opioid and benzodiazepine use, with a decrease in risk over time.

Good Sleep Tied to Better Cardiometabolic Health in Youths

June 15, 2018

"These results support the need to assess the role of sleep quantity and quality interventions as strategies for improving cardiovascular risk profiles of adolescents," the authors write.

Acute Insomnia Found to Be Common Among Good Sleepers

June 14, 2018

Over 1 year, subjects who were recruited and corroborated as good sleepers were monitored with daily sleep diaries. Regular assessments of participants' daytime function, stress and life events, and medical and mental health were made.

Antidepressant Use for Insomnia: Is It Effective?

By May 16, 2018

For this study, researchers identified 23 randomized controlled trials that included a total of 2806 adults with a primary diagnosis of insomnia to examine the relationship between antidepressant use and insomnia treatment.

Sleep Apnea Rarely Investigated in Older Adults

May 16, 2018

The researchers found that 56% of the participants who completed the sleep module were estimated to be at high risk of OSA.

Disruption of Circadian Rhythm Negatively Impacts Mental Health

May 16, 2018

"Circadian disruption is reliably associated with various adverse mental health and well-being outcomes, including major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder," the authors write.

AASM: Medical Marijuana Should Not Be Used to Treat Sleep Apnea

By April 16, 2018

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) remains the mainstay of medical treatment for OSA.

Ridesharing Industry Needs to Do More to Promote Safety

By April 16, 2018

In a position statement, published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, the AASM urged both private and public stakeholders to do more to promote transport safety.

Higher Mortality Risk Seen for 'Night Owls'

April 12, 2018

Data were included in the study for 433,268 adults aged 38 to 73 years at the time of enrollment, who were followed for an average of 6.5 years.

New Drug-Free, Over-the-Counter Sleep-Aids Available

By April 11, 2018

The Pure Zzzs Melatonin Gummies contain 1mg of melatonin per gummy in addition to lavender, chamomile, valerian root, and lemon balm.

One Night of Sleep Deprivation Linked to Amyloid-β Burden

April 10, 2018

These increases were associated with mood worsening after sleep deprivation; however, they were not associated with the genetic risk for Alzheimer's disease (APOE genotype).

Lemborexant, Zolpidem ER Go Head-to-Head in Sleep Disorder Study

By March 07, 2018

In the Phase 3 SUNRISE 1 study, lemborexant achieved its primary and key secondary objectives vs. placebo and vs. zolpidem tartrate extended-release (active comparator) in patients aged ≥55 years with difficulty staying asleep through the night.

FDA Accepts Solriamfetol NDA for Narcolepsy-, OSA-Related Sleepiness

By March 02, 2018

Solriamfetol is a selective dopamine and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor.

Patients with sleep apnea achieve similar outcomes when receiving care from a sleep specialist or nonspecialist

January 31, 2018

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients have similar outcomes regardless of sleep specialist or non-specialist care.

Sleep Apnea: Can Non-Specialists Provide Sufficient Care?

January 31, 2018

Care provided by NSSs and SSPs resulted in similar quality of life, adherence, and symptom scores (low-strength evidence), based on results from five randomized trials and three observational studies (1,515 participants; mean age, 52 years; 68% male).

Trends in Sleep Duration Evaluated Among U.S. Adults Over 14-Year Period

By January 19, 2018

Sleep duration increased across survey years both on weekdays and weekends.

Wearing Amber Lenses Before Bed May Benefit Patients With Insomnia

December 21, 2017

Improvements in Pittsburgh Insomnia Rating Scale and significant delay in reported wake-up time

CPAP vs. Gastric Band for Severe Sleep Apnea

November 09, 2017

The researchers found that LGB was associated with a greater drop in BMI. In intention-to-treat analyses, the effective apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) at nine months was 29.5 and 20 events/hour in the LGB and CPAP groups, respectively (P=0.02), while at 18 months, the effective AHI was 20.9 and 21.4 events/hour, respectively.

AASM: Position Statement on Home Sleep Apnea Testing

By October 16, 2017

HSATs are ordered by healthcare providers to help diagnosis obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in adults.

Perfect Timing: Nobel Winners Highlight Significance of Circadian Rhythms

October 04, 2017

Understanding the powerful regulation of biology by circadian rhythms is beginning to lead to far-reaching changes in policy.

Older Patients Often Use Rx and OTC Meds to Help with Sleep

By September 27, 2017

Overall among each medication type (prescription, over-the-counter and herbal/natural aids) 36% reported using some type of medication to aid their sleep.

Sleep Deprivation: An Effective Antidepressant?

By September 21, 2017

Researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania analyzed 66 studies to determine the antidepressant effects of sleep deprivation.

Impact of CPAP Telemonitoring with Feedback on Adherence

September 19, 2017

"The use of CPAP telemonitoring with automated feedback messaging improved 90-day adherence in OSA patients," the authors wrote.

Do Pets in the Bedroom Impact Sleep Quality?

By September 12, 2017

When data was stratified for dogs who slept their pet-owner's bed and dogs who just slept in the room human sleep efficiency decreased to 80.1%±7.2%, while efficiency for the dog increased from 83.3%±19.8% to 85.4%±12.1% (P=0.003).

Stress, Sleep, Obesity Connection Explored in New Study

September 05, 2017

Stress linked to impaired sleep, increased emotional rewarding of palatable foods, leading to obesity

Risky Business: Study Finds Sleep Deprivation May Impact Behavior

By August 29, 2017

The results showed that as the week of 5 hours of sleep a night progressed, the participants increasingly started to choose the riskier option.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Elevated Blood Coagulability: Is There a Link?

August 18, 2017

Significant differences were identified in PT seconds for the control group versus the moderate and severe OSA groups (mean, 11.26 versus 10.74 and 10.67, respectively).

CPAP Adherence Increases After Patients View Video of Themselves

July 25, 2017

"People who watched themselves gasping and struggling to breathe with sleep apnea used their CPAP machines three hours more per night than those who saw no video," said Mark Aloia, PhD, National Jewish Health in Denver.

PANS/PANDAS Treatment Guidelines Released

By July 20, 2017

"Immunomodulatory therapy should be considered early, because NSAIDs or a short course of oral corticosteroids may be sufficient for symptom remission in recent-onset cases, whereas those with long-standing symptoms often require more intensive and prolonged immunotherapeutic interventions," the authors write.