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Your search for smoking cessation returned 317 results

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Free Meds Can Help Smokers Quit Postdischarge

A postdischarge intervention including free medication results in higher rates of smoking cessation at six months, compared with standard discharge care among hospitalized adult smokers.

Helping Patients Quit Smoking: A Road Map for Clinicians

Successful smoking cessation involves a 2-pronged approach, since there are 2 components to smoking - physiological and behavioral, according to Nervana Elkhadragy, PharmD, MS, TTS, of Purdue University, College of Pharmacy, Indianapolis.
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Smoking Cessation for Better Mental Health?

Those who stop smoking have significant improvements in mental health compared with those who continue to smoke, both in healthy and clinical population.

Proactive, Population-Based Tobacco Cessation Care Sees Benefits

Importance: Current tobacco use treatment approaches require smokers to request treatment or depend on the provider to initiate smoking cessation care and are therefore reactive. Objective: To assess the effect of a proactive, population-based tobacco cessation care model on use of evidence-based …