Infections Linked to Increased Later Risk for Mental Disorders

December 06, 2018

Subsequent risk increased with infections requiring hospitalization, treatment with anti-infective agents

In-Person vs Facebook Social Contact: Differences in Psychiatric Symptoms

November 29, 2018

There was a correlation between more frequent in-person social contact and a significantly decreased risk for symptoms of major depression and posttraumatic stress disorder relative to contact every few weeks or less.

Perseris Now Available for the Treatment of Schizophrenia in Adults

By November 19, 2018

Perseris, an atypical antipsychotic, has an extended-release delivery system that releases sustained levels of risperidone over 1 month.

Neither Haloperidol, Ziprasidone Shortens Delirium in ICU

October 26, 2018

The researchers found that patients were exposed to a trial drug or placebo for a median duration of four days. The median number of days alive without delirium or coma was 8.5, 7.9, and 8.7 in the placebo, haloperidol, and ziprasidone groups (P=0.26 for overall effect across trial groups).

Abuse of Antidepressant for Weight Loss Leads to Seizures in Patient With Bulimia Nervosa

By October 03, 2018

The patient obtained prescriptions for bupropion XR from psychiatrists and primary care physicians who were not aware of her past medical history.

NDA Submitted for Novel Schizophrenia Treatment Lumateperone

By September 28, 2018

Lumateperone, a first-in-class molecule, works via potent interactions at 5-HT2A receptors, serotonin transporters, and D1 receptors with indirect glutamatergic modulation.

Psychiatric Adverse Effects of Disease-Modifying Therapies Assessed in MS Patients

By September 25, 2018

The primary outcome measure of the study was the frequency of any adverse psychiatric effect observed during treatment with one of these agents.

FDA Issues Statement Addressing Safety Concerns Associated With Nuplazid

By September 21, 2018

Based on the data, the FDA has concluded that the drug's benefit continues to outweigh its risks for patients with hallucinations and delusions associated with Parkinson's disease psychosis.

Many Foster Kids Inappropriately Prescribed Psychiatric Drugs

September 18, 2018

A report from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) found that 1 in 3 foster children sampled in 5 states received the drugs without treatment plans or follow-up.

Treating Older Adult Bipolar Disorder: Newer Atypical Antipsychotics Compared

By September 10, 2018

While pharmacologic agents such as lithium and valproic acid have been shown to provide significant antimanic effects in older adults with bipolar disorder, an increase in the use of atypical antipsychotics in the general adult bipolar population prompted researchers to investigate the efficacy and tolerability of these agents in OABD.

Remission of Schizophrenia Seen With Amisulpride, Clozapine

September 04, 2018

Overall, 45 and 44% on amisulpride and olanzapine, respectively, achieved remission (P=.87). Twenty-eight of the 40 patients not in remission started clozapine; 28% of the 18 patients who completed treatment achieved remission.

Peer Comparisons Can Decrease Risky Prescribing Patterns

August 14, 2018

Over 9 months, the treatment arm prescribed 11.1% fewer quetiapine days per prescriber vs the control arm (P<.001; adjusted difference, −319 days; P<.001), which persisted over 2 years (15.6% fewer days; P<.001).

Most Antipsychotics Prescribed in Nursing Homes Initiated There

August 09, 2018

The researchers found that 64% of study participants had new antipsychotic use initiated in nursing homes, 18.6% had initiation in hospitals, and 17.5% had initiation in outpatient settings.

Once-Monthly Perseris Approved for the Treatment of Schizophrenia

By July 30, 2018

Perseris, an atypical antipsychotic, has an extended-release delivery system that releases sustained levels of risperidone over 1 month.

Off-Label Prescribing Common With Certain Psychiatric Medications

By July 26, 2018

Using data from the 2012 and 2013 National Ambulatory Medical Care Surveys, researchers looked at all adult outpatient visits to psychiatric practices for chronic care management in which ≥1 psychiatric medication was prescribed.

Blister Packs for Several Meds Recalled Due to Risk of Harm to Children

By July 09, 2018

The recall affects approximately 470,000 units that include drugs packaged with 3 to 10 tablets per blister card. The blister packs were developed for use in hospitals, however some were sent to retail pharmacies and were likely dispensed for in-home use.

Atypical Antipsychotic Use and CV Events in Youth: What's the Link?

By July 06, 2018

The retrospective cohort study involved a search of Medicaid claims of pediatric patients aged 5 to 20 years who were initiated on atypical antipsychotic medications.

Aristada Initio Regimen Approved for Initiation of Schizophrenia Treatment

By July 02, 2018

Prior to this approval, the Aristada initiation regimen consisted of taking oral aripiprazole for 21 consecutive days starting with the first Aristada dose.

FDA Approves New Nuplazid Formulation, Dosage Strength

By June 29, 2018

Nuplazid, a non-dopaminergic, selective serotonin inverse agonist, targets 5-HT2A receptors that are thought to be involved in Parkinson's disease psychosis.

Cannabis Use Linked to Psychosis Symptoms in Adolescents

June 19, 2018

These correlations were similar in size to the autoregressive link between PS from ages 15 to 16. There was a statistically significant association for PS at age 15 years with cannabis use at age 16 years.

AMA President Calls Physicians to Lead in Addressing Gun Violence

June 14, 2018

For decades the AMA has demonstrated leadership on this issue, recommending common-sense gun safety precautions, waiting periods and background checks for those wishing to purchase a gun, and increased mental health service funding.

Antipsychotic Tx Linked to Adiposity Changes in Youths

June 14, 2018

The researchers found that from baseline to week 12, the dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry percentage total body fat increased by 1.18, 4.12, and 1.66% for risperidone, olanzapine, and aripiprazole, respectively, and was significantly greater for olanzapine than risperidone or aripiprazole.

Tobacco Cessation Support Lacking in Mental Health Facilities

May 14, 2018

The researchers found that 48.9% of mental health treatment facilities reported screening patients for tobacco use in 2016; 37.6, 25.2, and 21.5% offered tobacco cessation counseling, nicotine replacement therapy, and non-nicotine tobacco cessation medications, respectively.

Antipsychotic Use and Gestational Diabetes: Is There a Link?

By May 08, 2018

Results showed there was a significant crude risk linked to continuing vs discontinuing certain antipsychotics and developing gestational diabetes; for quetiapine the risk was 7.1% vs 4.1% (adjusted relative risk [ARR] 1.28), respectively; among olanzapine users it was 12% vs 4.7% (ARR 1.61), respectively.

Risk of Pediatric Mental Illness Up After Injury Hospitalization

May 08, 2018

Post-injury, children ages 0 to 4 years with burns were more likely to have mental health diagnoses, after adjustment for race and ethnicity.

Early Intervention Services Best for Early-Phase Psychosis

May 07, 2018

"In early-phase psychosis, EIS are superior to TAU across all meta-analyzable outcomes," the authors write. "These results support the need for funding and use of EIS in patients with early-phase psychosis."

Acadia Addresses Concerns Over Nuplazid Safety in Parkinson's Disease Patients

By April 27, 2018

Concerns over Nuplazid were initially voiced in a CNN article in early April which reported that the drug had been associated with over 700 deaths since its launch in March 2017.

Substance Use Disorders Linked to Conversion to Schizophrenia

April 26, 2018

This prospective cohort study included a population-based sample of 2,539 individuals born in Denmark with an incident diagnosis of schizotypal disorder and without a previous diagnosis of schizophrenia.

Politically-Focused Thoughts, Behaviors Tied to Psychopathology

April 13, 2018

"The findings suggest that politically-focused intrusive thoughts and ritualistic behaviors are associated with psychopathology domains in a manner comparable to general obsessive-compulsive symptoms," the authors write.

Psychosis Could Be a Potential Side Effect of Steroid Treatment in Kids

By April 12, 2018

Iatrogenic steroid-induced psychosis is a rare side effect of glucocorticoid therapy which is mostly seen in adults, although it has been reported in children and adolescents.