FDA Proposes New Restrictions on Sale of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems

By November 15, 2018

The announcement comes in the wake of results from the 2018 National Youth Tobacco Survey which showed a 78% increase in current e-cigarette use among high school students from 2017 to 2018.

Oralair Approved for Younger Patients With Grass Pollen Allergy

By November 14, 2018

Oralair is indicated as immunotherapy for the treatment of grass pollen-induced allergic rhinitis with or without conjunctivitis confirmed by positive skin test or in vitro testing for pollen specific IgE antibodies for any of the 5 grass species contained in this product.

Can a Physician Be Assessed Punitive Damages for Altering or Destroying Medical Records?

By November 13, 2018

During her testimony, Dr E was asked about the notes in the chart, and she was forced to admit that she transcribed the scribble notes into the patient's record after the patient died and she had been contacted by the plaintiff's law firm asking for the records.

Fluoxetine Evaluated as Treatment for EV-D68 Acute Flaccid Myelitis

November 13, 2018

In a propensity-adjusted analysis, there was a 0.2 decrease and a 2.5 increase in SLSS from initial examination to latest follow-up for fluoxetine-treated and untreated patients, respectively (P=.015).

HHS: Updated Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans Released

By November 12, 2018

This guidance, updated for the first time since 2008, provides evidence-based recommendations for children (ages 3-17) and adults.

Symptom improvement after concussion in pediatrics expected within four weeks

November 12, 2018

In this large, pre-planned secondary analysis of a prospective multi-center cohort study, the majority of symptom improvement was consistently seen in the first week after concussion.

Updated Infant Administration Procedure Approved for Nityr

By November 12, 2018

The labeling now states that a caregiver may disintegrate the Nityr tablet in an oral syringe up to 24 hours before administration.

Women Fed Soy Formula as Infants More Likely to Experience Menstrual Pain

By November 09, 2018

Researchers at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and the Henry Ford Health System analyzed patient data from African-American women aged 23 to 35 years (N=1553) who were participating in the NIEHS Study of Environment, Lifestyle, and Fibroids (SELF).

CDC: Increases in Yoga, Meditation for Children in 2012-2017

November 09, 2018

The researchers found that from 2012 to 2017, there was an increase in the use of yoga (from 3.1 to 8.4%) and meditation (from 0.6 to 5.4%) during the previous 12 months. In 2017, girls were more likely than boys to have used yoga in the previous 12 months.

New Primatene MIST Returning to Market as OTC Asthma Inhaler

By November 08, 2018

The new inhalation delivery system no longer includes CFC. It contains hydrofluroalkane (HFA) propellants and also features a built-in spray indicator and metal canister, replacing the glass container seen with the original Primatene Mist.

Dupilumab Gets Priority Review for Adolescent Atopic Dermatitis

By November 06, 2018

Dupixent is also being assessed in other allergic/inflammatory conditions, including pediatric atopic dermatitis, pediatric asthma, chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps, eosinophilic esophagitis, grass allergy, and peanut allergy.

Pediatric Anesthesia Does Not Affect Development Outcomes

November 06, 2018

Researchers examined the correlation between surgical procedures that require general anesthesia before primary school entry and child development in a retrospective sibling-matched cohort study, including sibling pairs aged 5 to 6 years with the same birth mother.

Oral Film Formulation of Clobazam Gets FDA Approval for LGS

By November 05, 2018

The product was first granted tentative approval by the FDA in September 2018, and is now the first oral film formulation of clobazam to be approved for the treatment of seizures associated with LGS.

New Blood Test Identifies Metabolic Subtypes Linked to Autism Spectrum Disorder

By November 02, 2018

The NPDX AA test works by detecting amine imbalances in a child's fasting blood sample with very precise thresholds that were identified and validated based on samples from the Children's Autism Metabolome Project (CAMP) study (N=1100) in patients aged 18 to 48 months

More Child Deaths Linked to Adenovirus Outbreak at NJ Facility

November 02, 2018

"It can be difficult to impossible to know how the virus got to the facility, what its source was, or what its specific mechanism of spread is from person to person," said New Jersey Department of Health Commissioner Shereef Elnahal, MD, CNN reported.

Epidiolex Now Available to Treat Seizures Associated With LGS, Dravet Syndrome

By November 01, 2018

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the treatment in June 2018, making it the first prescription pharmaceutical formulation of highly-purified, plant-derived cannabidiol, as well as the first treatment indicated for patients with Dravet syndrome.

Antibiotics, Acid Suppressants in Infancy May Up Obesity Risk

November 01, 2018

The researchers found that 72.4, 11.8, and 3.3% of children were prescribed an antibiotic, an H2RA, and a PPI, respectively. There was an association between antibiotic prescriptions and obesity (hazard ratio, 1.26).

Altreno Now Available for Topical Treatment of Acne Vulgaris

By October 30, 2018

Altreno Lotion should be used with caution in patients with known sensitivity or allergy to fish.

Health Officers Express Concerns About Vaccine Exemptions

October 30, 2018

With new California law eliminating nonmedical exemptions, rise in medical exemptions reported

Avocado Implicated in Several Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome Cases

By October 29, 2018

FPIES is a gastrointestinal food-associated hypersensitivity that often affects infants and toddlers and is marked by vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and pallor.

Xyrem Approved for Use in Pediatric Patients With Narcolepsy

By October 29, 2018

Efficacy in the pediatric population with narcolepsy was demonstrated in the Phase 2/3 EXPRESS study (N=106) which included patients aged 7 to 17 years with narcolepsy with cataplexy.

Acute Otitis Media Treatments

October 29, 2018

Acute otitis media treatment chart including select antibiotics and recommended doses.

Does Prior Flu Vaccination Impact Subsequent Vaccine Efficacy in Children?

By October 26, 2018

To better understand the impact of prior-season vaccination on subsequent influenza vaccine effectiveness, researchers conducted a multiseason, test-negative case-control study among vaccinated children 2-17 years old recruited during 3 influenza seasons (2013-2014, 2014-2015, and 2015-2016).

Expert Opinion: CGRP Receptor Antagonist Use in Pediatric Patients With Migraine

By October 25, 2018

Recommendations on the use of these agents in this patient population were published in a Views and Perspectives paper in the journal Headache.

Seven Children Dead in Adenovirus Outbreak at Care Facility

By October 24, 2018

Adenoviruses are common in places with communal living arrangements and often cause respiratory illness that can range from common cold to pneumonia.

Certain Lots of Quillivant XR May Potentially Have Quality/Efficacy Issues

By October 24, 2018

Quillivant XR, a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant, is indicated to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in patients aged 6 years and older.

Afluria, Afluria Quadrivalent Approved for Use in Patients 6 Months and Older

By October 23, 2018

The vaccines are indicated for active immunization against influenza disease caused by virus subtypes A and type B present in the vaccine.

Guidelines Outlined to Ease Peds Transition to Adult Health Care

October 23, 2018

Recommendations developed in realms of infrastructure, education, payment, research

Paternal Methotrexate Use and Congenital Malformations: Is There Any Link?

October 22, 2018

Data was pulled from the PubMed, Embase, Cochrane Central, and CINAHL databases to study possible links between men using methotrexate and congenital malformations in offspring.

Humira Approved for the Treatment of Pediatric Uveitis

By October 17, 2018

The approval was based on data from a randomized, double-masked, placebo-controlled study of 90 pediatric patients aged 2 to < 18 years with active JIA-associated non-infectious uveitis.