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Clinical Challenge: Painful Lip Swelling, Crusting, and Fissures

A 45-year-old male presents with a six-day history of swelling, crusting and fissuring of the lips. The patient reports significant pain, and says he has been unable to eat. Prior to the eruption the patient reports he applied lip balm for chapped lips. He has no prior history of herpes labialis, and denies being in…
AES 2017

Effectiveness of Infantile Spasm Treatments Compared

Results found that infants with an unknown epilepsy etiology, a normal MRI, an EEG displaying hypsarrhythmia, or those already receiving an AED were more likely to be administered ACTH.

Factors Associated With Successful Biologics Tapering in RA

There were also significant differences between the groups in concomitant oral corticosteroid use (43.1 vs. 34.8% in the stable treatment and DT groups, respectively) and CRP level (1.9±2.5 vs. 1.1±1.3 respectively).

PANS/PANDAS Treatment Guidelines Released

"Immunomodulatory therapy should be considered early, because NSAIDs or a short course of oral corticosteroids may be sufficient for symptom remission in recent-onset cases, whereas those with long-standing symptoms often require more intensive and prolonged immunotherapeutic interventions," the authors write.