Ocular Infections

Bacterial Conjunctivitis Treatment Currently in Shortage

By May 09, 2018

Azasite, supplied as a 2.5mL solution, contains benzalkonium chloride. It is indicated for use in susceptible bacterial conjunctivitis.

Clinical Characteristics of Endogenous Endophthalmitis Examined in Injection Drug Users

November 20, 2017

Injection drug users have fewer comorbidities and more improvement in visual acuity after intervention

Vancomycin-Associated HORV Prompts FDA Statement on Intraocular Use

By October 04, 2017

Although not FDA-approved, intraocular vancomycin is often used during cataract surgery to prevent postoperative endophthalmitis.

Infection Risk Investigated for Processed Tissue in Corneal Transplants

October 02, 2017

The researchers found that donor rim culture results were three times more likely to be positive for fungi in endothelial keratoplasty-processed eyes (1.14%) compared with other uses (0.37%).

Clinicians Overprescribing Antibiotics for Common Eye Infection

By June 19, 2017

Fifty-eight percent (n=198,462) of the total patients had filled ≥1 topical antibiotic prescription, of which approximately 20% (n=38,774) of patients filled prescriptions for combination antibiotic + corticosteroid products.

Uveitis Specialists, Rheumatologists Differ in Anterior Scleritits Tx Decisions

By November 04, 2016

Uveitis specialists and rheumatologists differ significantly in their most-selected first-choice treatment option for patients with anterior scleritis, according to new findings from a survey by researchers at the University of Colorado.

Device to Treat Eustachian Tube Dysfunction Gains Approval

By September 16, 2016

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has permitted the marketing of a novel balloon device, The Aera Eustachian Tube Balloon Dilation System (Acclarent), to treat persistent Eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD).

Antifungal Pretreatment May Worsen Outcomes in Fungal Keratitis Patients

July 11, 2016

Findings in fungal keratitis patients presenting for tertiary care after antifungal pretreatment

Treating Herpes Simplex Viral Keratitis: What Are the Options?

June 14, 2016

Options include acyclovir, valacyclovir, topical ganciclovir; need for development of new compounds

Unexplained Persistent Elevated IOP After Cataract Surgery

March 31, 2016

Herpes simplex uveitis ID'd as cause of persistently elevated intraocular pressure after cataract sx

Amphotericin B may Eliminate Cornea Fungal Contaminants

February 29, 2016

Further investigation of the addition of amphotericin B to Optisol-GS, the most commonly used corneal storage medium in the United States, is warranted, according to research published online Febraury 25 in JAMA Ophthalmology.

Parents Want Antibiotics for 'Pink Eye' More Than 'Eye Infection'

August 31, 2015

Use of the label "pink eye" vs. "eye infection" is associated with increased parent intent to use antibiotics despite parents being informed about antibiotics' ineffectiveness for treating symptoms.

Risky Eye Business? Contact Lens Wearers Tell All

By August 20, 2015

A new study in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) found that the overwhelming majority of contact lens wearers admit to engaging in at least one hygiene habit that may put them at risk for an eye infection.

Bacterial Biofilms Identified in Ocular Prosthesis

August 05, 2015

Bacterial biofilms are associated with ocular prostheses, according to a letter to the editor published in Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology.

High-Tech Lens Case Alerts When Safe to Wear Contact Lens Post-Disinfecting

By June 04, 2015

NovaBay announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the intelli-Case for use with hydrogen peroxide solutions.

Eye Bacteria Changes Seen in Contact Lens Wearers

June 01, 2015

Changes in bacteria populations may be one reason why people who wear contact lenses are more prone to eye infections, a new study suggests.

Ebola Virus Can Persist During Convalescence

May 08, 2015

Case report describes patient with anterior uveitis and ocular hypertension, with viable EBOV RNA

Global Variation in Antibiotic Rx Practices After Eyelid Sx

April 27, 2015

There is considerable worldwide variation in antibiotic prescribing practices following eyelid surgery, according to a study in JAMA Ophthalmology.

CDC: What Clinicians Should Know About Ocular Syphilis

By April 03, 2015

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a clinical advisory on ocular syphilis due to recent confirmed and suspected cases in several states.

Ocular Syphilis Cases Reported on West Coast

March 12, 2015

Health care providers on the West Coast need to look out for syphilis that can cause blindness, public health officials say.

Poor Contact Lens Hygiene Driving Eye Infection Rates

November 14, 2014

Nearly one million patient visits are made to doctors offices, outpatient clinics, and emergency departments for keratitis each year in the United States, with contact lens wear as the single largest risk factor for microbial keratitis.