Nonnarcotic Analgesics

Childrens' Pain Reliever Recalled Due to Potentially Higher Potency Level

By December 06, 2018

Ingesting nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) at a higher potency level may cause nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain, diarrhea, tinnitus, headache, and even gastrointestinal bleeding; pediatric patients are also at greater risk of developing NSAID-associated renal injury.

FDA Grants Non-Opioid Analgesic VVZ-149 Fast Track Status

By November 09, 2018

The Company states that in vivo tests have shown that the compound's pain suppressing efficacy is comparable to morphine.

FDA Clears Patient Controller Platform for Stimwave's Neuromodulation Device

By November 02, 2018

The new software enables patients to fine-tune the power level and modify programs that were pre-programmed by their clinician to control pain.

NDA for Non-Opioid Combo Tx for Postoperative Pain Submitted to FDA

By November 02, 2018

The treatment is designed to deliver pain relief directly to the site of tissue injury, thereby potentially reducing the need for systemically administered pain medications.

Case Report Highlights Variable Presentation of Serotonin Syndrome

By October 26, 2018

The patient's past medical history was significant for chronic kidney disease (stage 5) on nightly peritoneal dialysis, type 2 diabetes mellitus, peripheral neuropathy, gastroesophageal reflux disease, hypertension, and chronic pain.

Optimizing Treatment for Patients With Chronic Sciatica: Gabapentin vs Pregabalin

By October 15, 2018

In this prospective, cohort study, patients (N=18) were randomized to receive gabapentin 400-800mg 3 times daily then pregabalin 150-300mg twice daily or vice versa; each treatment regimen was taken for 8 weeks with a 1-week washout period in between.

Acetaminophen Can Reduce Recurrence of Febrile Seizures

October 09, 2018

Rectal acetaminophen use was the largest contributor to the prevention of FS recurrence during the same fever episode among the variables in the final multiple logistic regression analysis (odds ratio, 5.6; 95% confidence interval, 2.3 to 13.3).

FDA Fast-Tracks Non-Opioid Treatment for Neuropathic Pain

By October 03, 2018

The treatment is currently being evaluated in a Phase 2 study (ELEVATE) in patients with major depressive disorder who have had an inadequate response to standard antidepressant therapy.

Is Pregabalin Effective for Chronic, Post-Traumatic Neuropathic Pain?

By September 25, 2018

The primary outcome measure was pain rated in a diary completed by telephone each evening; secondary outcomes included measures of overall status, pain-related activity limitation, and sleep.

ZTlido Patch for Post-Shingles Pain Launching Soon

By September 19, 2018

The non-aqueous adhesive patch requires 36mg per topical system to achieve the same therapeutic dose as Lidoderm (lidocaine 5%) which contains 700mg per patch.

CDC: About 1 in 5 US Adults Have Chronic Pain

September 14, 2018

The prevalences of both chronic pain and high-impact chronic pain were higher among women; older adults; adults who were previously, but not currently, employed; adults living in poverty; those with public health insurance; and rural residents.

First-in-Class Non-Opioid for Post-Surgical Pain Gets Breakthrough Tx Designation

By September 12, 2018

CA-008 is given as a single local injection and works by selectively desensitizing pain-conducting nerve fibers without causing numbness or weakness

Cardiovascular Health Risks Identified With Diclofenac Use

By September 07, 2018

To investigate the cardiovascular risks associated with diclofenac, researchers conducted a series of cohort studies mimicking the design criteria of a clinical trial.

FDA Outlines Plan for New Analgesic Guidance to Combat Opioid Crisis

By August 31, 2018

The new plan will break out the current guidance into 4 separate guidances.

Preemptive Analgesia May Cut Post-Op Pain in Anorectal Surgery

August 31, 2018

The researchers found that patients in the active group had significantly less pain in the post-anesthesia care unit and at 8 hours postoperatively.

Children's Advil Suspension Recalled Due to Unmatched Dosage Cup

By August 28, 2018

The recalled product has Lot #R51129 (NDC 0573-0207-30) and was shipped to wholesalers, distributors, and retailers from May through June 2018.

FDA Approves Minimally-Invasive, Non-Drug Therapy for Pain Management

By August 17, 2018

Several clinical trials have demonstrated the SPRINT PNS System to be effective in reducing pain and improving quality of life.

Diclofenac May Slow Cognitive Decline in Alzheimer Disease

July 25, 2018

Study results showed that most common NSAIDs, including aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, and celecoxib did not alter cognitive degeneration in patients with mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer disease.

Positive Phase 3 Results for Novel OA Pain Treatment Tanezumab

By July 18, 2018

The 16-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicenter, parallel-group study included 698 patients who were randomized to 3 treatment groups: 2 doses of tanezumab 2.5mg; 1 dose of tanezumab 2.5mg followed by tanezumab 5mg, or 2 doses of placebo; each injection was administered once every 8 weeks.

IV Acetaminophen Minimally Helpful for Colectomy Pain

July 09, 2018

More than 1 dose of intravenous acetaminophen on postoperative day 1 was associated with lower opioid utilization (−12.4%) vs non-use, while an even stronger reduction was seen in those receiving more than one oral acetaminophen dose (−22.6%).

Are Anticonvulsants Effective for Low Back Pain?

By July 03, 2018

For this review, the authors searched 5 large databases for studies that compared the use of anticonvulsants (i.e., topiramate, gabapentin, pregabalin) in adult patients with LBP, sciatica, or neurogenic claudication with placebo.

Aspirin Use Doesn't Cut Cancer Incidence in Older T2DM Patients

June 25, 2018

Aspirin did not affect cancer incidence in men, women, or those aged ≥65 years in subgroup analyses but there was a decrease in cancer incidence associated with aspirin use among those aged <65 years.

Recommendations for Managing Postpartum Pain Published

May 23, 2018

Impact of medications on mother-infant dyad should be considered, as many women breastfeed

Early Post-Op APAP Exposure May Cut AKI Risk in Peds Cardiac Sx

May 15, 2018

Acetaminophen exposure was protective against postoperative AKI after adjustment for multiple confounding variables (odds ratio, 0.86 per each additional 10mg/kg).

Ticagrelor &#43; Aspirin Beneficial After Elective CABG

April 25, 2018

The researchers found that the rates of saphenous vein graft patency were 88.7, 82.8, and 76.5%, respectively, with ticagrelor + aspirin, ticagrelor alone, and aspirin alone at one year post-CABG.

Celecoxib Lowers Opioid Use Post Head &amp; Neck Cancer Surgery

April 23, 2018

The researchers observed a correlation for celecoxib treatment in the postoperative setting with decreased mean use of opioids in oral, intravenous (IV), and total amount of morphine equivalents per day.

GI Safety Compared for NSAIDs in Patients With Arthritis

By April 19, 2018

The randomized, double-blind, controlled trial (N=24,081) included patients with rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis who required chronic NSAID treatment.

Polypharmacy More Likely for Cancer Survivors

April 18, 2018

"Cancer survivors were prescribed a higher number of unique medications, including drugs with abuse potential, thereby increasing their risk of adverse drug events, financial toxicity, poor adherence, and drug-drug interactions," the authors write.

Neuroscience Education, Motor Control Training Ease Spinal Pain

April 17, 2018

The researchers found that reduced pain, higher pressure pain thresholds at primary test site at 3 months, and reduced central sensitization inventory scores at 6 and 12 months were experienced by participants in the experimental group.

Noninvasive Brain Stimulation May Help Prevent Migraines

April 04, 2018

"This open label study suggests that sTMS may be an effective, well-tolerated treatment option for migraine prevention," the authors write.