Rx-Only App For Real-Time Diabetes Guidance

the MPR take:

Not all patients with type 2 diabetes carry blood glucose readers with them regularly, but they are likely to have their cell phone nearby at all times. That’s why in 2005 endocrinologist Dr. Suzanne Clough founded WellDoc with her brother, Ryan Sysko, to develop prescribing mobile applications (apps) for monitoring chronic diseases. The company’s first major product is a prescription-only mobile app called BlueStar that allows patients to input data on their blood glucose levels, diet, and exercise; the app provides real-time guidance, tips, and motivational support as well as reports for physician review prior to patient appointments. Research has shown that use of the BlueStar app resulted in an average two-point drop in A1C levels. It is the first mobile disease therapy to receive clearance from the FDA and the company plans to expand the app to the management of other chronic illnesses.

Rx-Only App For Real-Time  Diabetes Guidance
Rx-Only App For Real-Time Diabetes Guidance

The company, which has raised about $40 million from private investors, recently launched its first major effort: BlueStar, a prescription-only mobile app intended to help patients manage type 2 diabetes, was unveiled at this summer's Digital Health Summer Summit in San Francisco.