"Rabbit Fever" Warning Issued in CO

the MPR take:

Health officials in Jefferson County, CO have issued a warning to the public regarding the bacterial disease tularemia, also known as “rabbit fever.” The public is advised to avoid sick or dead rabbits to prevent infection that can be life-threatening in humans but treatable with early antibiotic therapy. Although there are no confirmed human cases of tularemia in Jefferson County this year, a rabbit has tested positive in the area. Because it can also be transmitted by an infected tick or flea, use of insect repellant is also encouraged. There are on average 100-150 cases of tularemia per year in the U.S. and only two outbreaks (in 1978 and 2000) have been reported. While they may be cute, it's best to admire outdoor rabbits from afar to prevent infection.

Hop Away From "Rabbit Fever" in CO
Hop Away From "Rabbit Fever" in CO
Health officials in Jefferson County, Colorado, are warning people to stay away from sick or dead rabbits because the animals may have a disease called "rabbit fever" that can also infect humans. "We had a rabbit from the southern part of the county near the town of Bow Mar that tested positive for tularemia," Dave Volkel, an environmental health specialist with Jefferson County Public Health, told CBS Denver.