New Supplement Supports Patients with Cataracts

LENSTATIN by Lenstatin LLC
LENSTATIN by Lenstatin LLC

Lenstatin LLC introduced Lenstatin, the first nutritional supplement formulated to support healthy lens metabolism in patients with early cataract formation. Lenstatin contains a proprietary blend of micronutrients with anti-cataractogenic activity. It aims to provide nutritional support specifically for patients who have early non-surgical cataracts.

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Scientific data suggest that specific antioxidants have beneficial effects on human lens metabolism as well as anti-cataractogenic activity. Lenstatin's proprietary blend contains 11 antioxidants: phycocyanin, alpha lipoic acid, glutathione, pyruvate, lutein/zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, riboflavin, quercetin, silybum, and curcumin.

Lenstatin is available in 60-count capsules.

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