MPR Weekly Dose Podcast

All the top pharma and medicine news from this week in the time it takes you to sleep through one snooze of your alarm clock.

This week we talk about the new Invokana approval; The ranitidine recalls that led CVS to suspend all sales; The 11 serious cybersecurity vulnerabilities identified by the FDA that could affect medical devices and hospital networks; Entresto’s expanded indication; and the investigative COPD treatment that was rejected.

This week: A new type 2 diabetes treatment in tablet form; Pancreatitis treatment gains Orphan Drug status; New approval for smallpox, monkeypox; An investigational treatment for Guillain-Barré Syndrome; and big changes at e-cigarette maker, Juul.

This week: FDA votes on possible peanut allergy treatment; New risks ID’d with some breast cancer drugs; A topical solution for common warts; Nitrosamine impurity identified in acid suppressant; And news of another e-cigarette related fatality.

This week: Pimavanserin trial stopped early; Influenza vaccination updates; The unusual case of the label update that wasn’t; E-cigarettes and lung illness; and new proposals from the DEA to reduce opioid production but to increase marijuana production.

This week: New adjunct treatment for Parkinson disease; Pain med associated with hypoglycemia; New approval for active ankylosing spondylitis; and Fast track designation for a kidney disease therapy and for a degenerative disc disease therapy.

This week: New draft guidelines for Lyme Disease management; First-in-class antibiotic to treat community-acquired bacterial pneumonia; Duchenne muscular dystrophy drug denied; Approval for a rheumatoid arthritis treatment; and the FDA make a decision on Hetlioz for jet lag disorder.

This week: Dangerous products being sold as “cure alls,” results of a safety review for a Parkinson disease treatment, a new drug for hard-to-treat TB, differences in prescription use between the US and Canada, and a unique test for chlamydia and gonorrhea.