MPR Weekly Dose Podcast

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 104

This week, two new approvals for atopic dermatitis; Warnings around counterfeit HIV treatments; Some US indications for Zydelig are withdrawn; CDC pediatric flu vaccine study results; And an FDA warning against certain COVID-19 antibody tests.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 103

This week news of a new treatment for insomnia; The FDA comment on magnesium hypertension claims; Transmucosal buprenorphine linked to dental decay; Researchers assess changes in menstrual cycles in relation to COVID vaccines; And experts have their say on the best diets for 2022.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 102

Contraindication added to Janssen COVID-19 vaccine; Pfizer announce final results for their COVID-19 oral antiviral; A new treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia; REMS change for CAR T-cell therapy, and Rinvoq gains approval for active psoriatic arthritis. 

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 101

This week Evusheld has become the first pre-exposure prophylaxis for COVID-19; Data shows that the Pfizer-BioNTech booster dose ups protection against Omicron; Monoclonal antibody therapy is authorized for children; Heterologous boosting may be more beneficial than homogeneous; And important information regarding Veklury.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 100

This week Pfizer seeks Emergency Use Authorization for their COVID-19 oral antiviral; A meta-analysis found commonly prescribed drugs were linked to orthostatic hypotension; A novel treatment is approved for polycythemia vera; A new program has been cleared to allow individuals to carry out remote endoscopy procedures; And the largest to date psilocybin trial shows promise in treatment-resistant depression. 

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 99

This week on the pod, there’s positive news for the COVID-19 oral antiviral candidate, Paxlovid; The CDC expands a recall for aromatherapy sprays connected to fatal cases of a rare tropical disease; The first eye drop to treat presbyopia is approved; An alternative to naloxone gets fast tracked; And a study compares the migraine treatments erenumab and topiramate. 

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 98

FDA Advisory Committee votes on whether the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine should be authorized in 5 to 11 year olds; The Moderna vaccine elicits strong antibody responses in pediatrics; Trial results shed light on booster dose efficacy; Shingrix is recommended for immunocompromised patients; A novel treatment is approved for macular edema associated with uveitis; And Pepaxto is withdrawn following new findings.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 97

This week: The FDA authorize boosters for Moderna and Janssen and okay ‘mixing and matching’ of vaccines for the booster dose. The first interchangeable biosimilar to Humira is approved. Also there’s approvals in dry eye disease, pain management and opioid overdoses. 

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 96

This week the USPSTF update aspirin recommendations for those 60 years and older; The FDA take a stance on needle-free devices for injecting dermal fillers; REMS requirements are updated for isotretinoin products; A new treatment is approved for pediatric congenital athymia; An Emergency Use request is submitted for an oral antiviral COVID treatment; And the FDA advisory panel vote on boosters for the Moderna vaccine.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 94

The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine gets Emergency Use Authorization for booster doses in certain individuals; A smaller vaccine dose appears safe and effective in children; A survey sheds light on parents’ thoughts on child COVID vaccination; Janssen share booster data for their vaccine; Remdesivir efficacy data in COVID-19 patients, And Opzelura is approved for atopic dermatitis.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 93

The FDA weigh up mandatory education for opioid prescribers; There’s an increase in the sale of strong psychoactive THC products; Brukinsa and Exkivity gain approval, respectively; And a number of supplement companies received FDA warning letters.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 92

This week we have news on pediatric influenza vaccine guidance; Moderna submit data for their COVID-19 booster dose; There’s new FDA warnings for some JAK inhibitors; Trudhesa nasal spray is approved; And the FDA places a clinical hold on a gene therapy for phenylketonuria.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 91

The first COVID-19 vaccine is fully approved by the FDA, we’ll go into all that that entails and also news regarding booster doses, off-label recommendations, promising antibody treatments and a BLA submission from Moderna for their mRNA vaccine.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 90

This week we have significant news on the status of a third COVID-19 vaccine booster dose, as well as news for an encephalitis vaccine, another Jardiance indication, an FDA warning concerning patient wristbands, and Jemperli gets accelerated approval. 

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 89

Big news on the COVID-19 vaccine booster dose. The CDC issues new recommendations on vaccines. What protection the Moderna vaccine offers after 6 months. A treatment approved for Pompe disease. And the FDA denies an application for a new roxadustat indication.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 88

The FDA authorizes a postexposure prophylaxis for COVID-19; A new treatment is okay’d for lupus; A higher dose naloxone nasal spray became available; The risk evaluation and mitigation program for Clozapine has had important changes, and finally, Istodax has had an indication withdrawn.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 86

This week on the pod we speak about a fact sheet update for the Janssen COVID vaccine. Pfizer and BioNTech are working on a booster version of their vaccine. A supplement is found to contain a prescription ingredient. There’s a new treatment for patients with diabetic kidney disease. And two sunscreen brands are recalled due to the presence of benzene.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 85

This week Pfizer recalled their smoking cessation therapy Chantix. A treatment for acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections becomes available. Aduhelm, the newly approved Alzheimer Disease treatment, has its label updated. A blood lead level test is recalled, and there’s updates to the cancer drug Keytruda.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast 84

The FDA grants Emergency Use to Actemra to treat hospitalized COVID patients. Revisions are been made to the fact sheets for the Moderna and Pfizer BioNTech COVID vaccines to include information related to the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis. A new treatment is approved for some cancer patients allergic to E. coli-Derived asparaginase products. Meanwhile,…