MPR Weekly Dose Podcast

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast 75

The latest status on the Janssen vaccine; Updated guidance from the National Institutes of Health on COVID-19 antibody treatment; The FDA changes in-person mifepristone dispensing; A prefilled-syringe for Xolair injection is approved; And the AI world comes to colonoscopies.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast 74

Back to regular programming this week with a summary of the top news, which includes updated travel guidance; Six month efficacy data for the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines; Vial doses increased for Moderna; A new ADHD drug is approved; And the FDA has issued a safety communication regarding lamotrigine.

MPR Weekly Dose #73: Interview with Dr Joshua Barocas

To get a better understanding of the situation and how the future months could unfold, MPR sat down with Joshua Barocas, MD, an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Boston University School of Medicine and Infectious Diseases physician at Boston Medical Center.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast 72

This week we have new study data on the real-world effectiveness of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine; The number of Americans who are completing both vaccine doses; A vaccine trial that has started in children; Approval in acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections; And results from the tocilizumab-remdesivir combo trial.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast 71

This week it’s all COVID related news; There’s new CDC guidance for those who are vaccinated; A first over-the-counter test that doesn’t require a prescription; Nasopharyngeal povidone iodine and the combo of Bamlanivimab-Etesevimab is assessed; And there’s reports of vaccine local reactions.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast 70

This week we have news of an indication for the cancer treatment, Keytruda, being withdrawn; Janssen’s single dose vaccine gains Emergency Use Authorization; There’s findings on the effectiveness of ivermectin as a therapy for mild COVID-19; And devices to treat migraine and prevention of sub-concussive head impacts are authorized for marketing.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast 69

An FDA warning to pharma company regarding their promo material; Entresto’s approval is expanded; There’s approvals in homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia and chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy; And a migraine device is OK’d for teens.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 66

On this week’s pod: The Moderna vaccine and what we know about its effectiveness against emerging variants; Merck ends it’s development of two vaccines; Two separate treatment combos show promise in reducing hospitalizations and preventing COVID-19, respectively; And the FDA approve a new treatment for lupus nephritis.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 65

On this week’s MPR pod we take a look at the current status of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate; Considerations in assessing blood donors during pandemic times; A newly approved drug to treat heart failure; Promising results for a potential Alzheimer treatment; And changes declared for vinca alkaloid labeling.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 64

This week we have news of the neutralizing response of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to the new COVID-19 variant; A trial investigated ravulizumab in adults with severe COVID is halted; A rapid blood test for concussions gets the all clear; A novel treatment for chronic kidney disease in patients with type 2 diabetes; And the drug manufacturer Fresenius Kabi announces a voluntary recall of one lot of an NSAID treatment.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 63

On the first MPR pod of 2021 we cover the latest COVID-19 vaccine news including admin. scheduling and production; A diagnostics test that may be giving false negative results; Bristol Myers Squibb withdraws an indication for Opdivo; And experts vote on the best diets for 2021.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 62

Its been a long year, but the monumental efforts to achieve a COVID-19 vaccine are bearing some fruits, we about that, and also a fully at home diagnostic COVID test, as well as new findings related to glucosamine supplements and a novel treatment for eosinophilic esophagitis. And as ever, one final movie trivia ‘guess the quote’ to end the year!

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 61

This week we cover new findings for the diabetes drug sitagliptin in pediatrics; An obesity treatment has its approval expanded; The FDA issue a Complete Response Letter for an outpatient alternative treatment; And news of availability for a transdermal contraceptive patch.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 60

This week the FDA and the WHO have a back and forth over remdesivir; Who should get a COVID vaccine; Xolair and Hetlioz have approval expansions; And a novel neuroblastoma treatment gets accelerated approval.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 59

The latest on the vaccine development from Moderna, and BioNTech and Pfizer as they release more trial data; An at-home diagnostic test is approved; Keytruda gains expanded approval; And all the rest of the drug news from this past week.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 58

Major developments in COVID-19 vaccine and antibody treatments: Are we close to having a vaccine gain Emergency Use Authorization? An NIH study concluded that hydroxychloroquine has no clinical benefit; And unrelated to COVID, but still big news, the Advisory Committee have voted on what would-be the first Alzheimer disease treatment in decades.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 57

This week we cover a new treatment submission to the FDA for the prevention of diabetes; The launch of a bupivacaine implant to treat post op pain; The DEA schedules a newly approved opioid; The FDA classifies over 200 drugs as essential and wants manufacturers to ramp up production; And more news on rifamixin and other drugs that are in the pipeline.

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 56

This week we cover a study that identified factors associated with strong antibody responses to COVID; How convalescent plasmas benefits may be limited; A nasal spray to treat diabetic gastroparesis; Recommendations for colorectal cancer screening; And a new treatment approved for dry eye disease. And of course, movie trivia!

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast Episode 55

Results from the survey assessing willingness to receive a COVID vaccine; Dr. Fauci shares that he is ‘cautiously optimistic’ a vaccine could arrive before year’s end; And the breaking news that remdesivir (Veklury) has gained FDA approval.