MPR Everywhere contest - Best photos

  • Steven Mishkind

    Steven Mishkind

  • Hana T. Chaim, D.O.

    Hana T. Chaim, D.O.

    September, 1991

  • Michelle Gauthier

    Michelle Gauthier

    Attached is a picture of my rabbit using my MPR. She got sick a few weeks ago ,and we used the paper MPR (I have the NPPR as I am a Nurse Practitioner) to look up the medications that the veternarian put her on. It was very helpful to us to find out all the information on those medications! Thanks MPR company for this great book!

  • Joanie Barrett

    Joanie Barrett

    In May of 2009 I graduated from PA school, took my boards and got my first job working as a family med/ urgent care PA. My coworker gave me this PAPR on my first day. I loved it of course and used it daily.

  • Contest winner Stephan Howard HM1(FMF/EXW/SW)

    Contest winner Stephan Howard HM1(FMF/EXW/SW)

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