Vertigo, Dizziness Often Comorbid with Psychiatric Disorders

the MPR take:

Patients with vertigo/dizziness and a psychiatric comorbidity are more likely to have severe psychosocial impairment compared to those without psychiatric disorders. This research evaluated 547 patients with vertigo/dizziness and used standardized neurological examinations, structured clinical interview for major mental disorders (SCID-I), and self-report questionnaires regarding dizziness, depression, anxiety, somatization and quality of life. 48.8% of patients were found to have a current psychiatric disorder diagnosis, most frequently anxiety/phobic, somatoform, and affective disorders. Patients with psychiatric comorbidity reported more vertigo-related handicaps, more depressive, anxiety and somatization symptoms, and lower psychological quality of life vs. patients without psychiatric comorbidity. The most severe handicaps occured in patients with non-organic vertigo/dizziness and psychiatric comorbidity.

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Vertigo, Dizziness Often Comorbid with Psychiatric Disorders

Background: Vertigo and dizziness are often not fully explained by an organic illness, but instead are related to psychiatric disorders. This study aimed to evaluate psychiatric comorbidity and assess psychosocial impairment in a large sample of patients with a wide range of unselected organic ...