The Relationship Between Hyperglycemia and Muscle Function Decline

the MPR take:

In patients with diabetes, hyperglycemia is linked to persistently declining muscle strength with age, says a new study published in the journal Diabetes Care. The study involved 984 patients between the ages of 25– 96; HbA1C, lean body mass, and knee extensor strength were measured at baseline and repeated up to 7.5 years later. Subjects were categorized into four groups based on HbA1C (<5.5, 5.5–5.79, 5.8–6.09, ≥6.1%). Muscle strength and quality were found to be significantly lower across HbA1C quartiles, without differences in muscle mass at baseline. After adjusting for age, race, sex, weight, and height, muscle strength was significantly lower for those in the highest HbA1C quartiles vs. the lowest quartiles while muscle mass measures were similar. This association between hyperglycemia and persistently lower muscle strength with aging may be partially mediated by peripheral neuropathy; the authors conclude that future research should examine the relationship between improved glycemic control and preservation of muscle function in diabetic patients.

OBJECTIVE Persons with diabetes have accelerated muscle loss compared with their counterparts. The relationship of hyperglycemia per se to declines in muscle function has not been explored, yet has implications for developing appropriate intervention strategies to prevent muscle loss. RESEARCH ...

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