Survey Says Few Docs Want to Work for Government

the MPR take:

A survey by the physician staffing company The Medicus Firm reports that only 2% of healthcare professionals find practicing in military or government-employed practices appealing. While the survey was only conducted in 2,200 healthcare providers, the results paint a grim picture for future recruitment efforts by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The AMA recently put out a statement urging the government to allow veterans who are waiting for care to seek it outside of the VA system until the VA is able to give appropriate care to all who need it.

Though Veterans Need Physicians, VA Isn't Popular Employer
Though Veterans Need Physicians, VA Isn't Popular Employer

The last choice for physicians when it comes to where they want to work is government and military employment, including the VA, according to the 2014 physician practice preference and relocation survey by The Medicus Firm, a physician staffing company. As President Obama and Congress develop ...