Study: Magic Mushrooms for Smoking Cessation

the MPR take:

A new study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology explores the use of psilocybin, a 5HT2AR agonist, as an adjunct in smoking cessation treatment. Fifteen psychiatrically-healthy subjects were included in the study (mean: 31 years of smoking, six lifetime quit attempts, 19 cigarettes/day intake). Patients were given one moderate dose pill (20mg/70kg) followed by subsequent high doses (30mg/70kg) two weeks and eight weeks later if needed and were supported with cognitive behavioral therapy during weekly meetings. At six-month follow-up, 80% of participants given psilocybin were still abstinent; this exceeds rates often seen with other smoking cessation therapies (<35%). The findings of this study suggest psilocybin could be a potentially effective smoking cessation therapy, and sets the groundwork for further research in hallucinogen-facilitated treatment of addiction.

Depression and anxiety decreased for cancer patients who took one dose of psilocybin
Study: Magic Mushrooms for Smoking Cessation

Despite suggestive early findings on the therapeutic use of hallucinogens in the treatment of substance use disorders, rigorous follow-up has not been conducted.,/p>