RFK Jr. Criticized Over Vaccine Views

the MPR take:

The Kennedy family isn't known for their controversial views on medicine, but one member is under fire for promoting inaccurate information on vaccines and autism. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wrote an article 10 years ago claiming the government was aware that vaccines containing thimerosal caused autism but was covering it up due to pressure from the pharmaceutical industry. After the inaccuracies in the article were highlighted by scientists, the article was retracted but Kennedy still stands by his statements. Despite the overwhelming scientific evidence that thimerosal and vaccines are not linked to autism, he has written an upcoming book on this topic.

Is RFK Jr.'s Vaccine View Accurate?
RFK Jr. Criticized Over Vaccine Views

Kennedy Jr. is coming out with a new book that claims thimerosal in vaccines causes autism. This claim has been thoroughly discredited, but RFK Jr. believes that it's all a big conspiracy and that he's right. His crazy anti-vaccine views coupled with his fame make for an especially dangerous combination.