Remote-Controlled Birth Control Is in Our Future

the MPR take:

A Massachusetts-based startup company is developing a wireless contraceptive implant that can be activated and de-activated via remote control and could last for up to 16 years. The device was inspired by a visit from Bill Gates to an MIT Lab, where he inquired about a potential birth control device that could be used on and off for a long stretch of time. A microchip technology created by the lab and licensed to the startup MicroCHIPS is the basis of the device, which is only 20mm in length and slowly releases 30mg of levonorgestrel a day. The device can be deactivated by a remote control without a visit to a doctor, which could greatly assist women without regular access to healthcare. The device will begin pre-clinical testing next year in the U.S., with a goal of FDA approval by 2018.

Remote-Controlled Birth Control is in Our Future
Remote-Controlled Birth Control is in Our Future

We may be just years away from the longest-lasting and most hassle-free contraceptive ever invented. MicroCHIPS Inc. is building a wireless device that is only 20 millimeters long and that would last 16 years. The chip, which would lie under the skin in the buttocks, upper arm or abdomen, slowly releases levonorgestrel, a hormone used in some types of the Pill, in some types of hormonal IUDs and in Plan B.