Prescription Delay After Stents Common

the MPR take:

Approximately one-third of patients fail to fill prescriptions for clopidogrel following treatment with coronary stents, which could lead to adverse clinical outcomes. In a study of 15,629 patients receiving stents between 2004–2006, 30% of those with at least one drug‐eluting stent and 31% with bare metal stents did not fill the prescription within 3 days of discharge. This delay was associated with mortality and recurrent myocardial infarction at 2 years post-stent treatment. The authors emphasize that patients should have access to medications immediately after discharge to avoid these adverse outcomes.

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Prescription Delay After Stents Common

After receiving a stent, many patients delay or fail to fill their prescription for clopidogrel or another antiplatelet agent. Nearly a third of the patients in each stent group did not fill their prescription within 3 days after leaving the hospital. A delay of 3 or more days in filling a first ...