Parasite Destroys Cells by "Nibbling"

the MPR take:

The amoeba Entamoeba histolytica can cause intestinal ulcers, gut inflammation and life-threatening diarrhea in children in developing countries; however, the means by which the parasite causes these problems has been unknown until now. Using live microscopy, researchers at the University of Virginia discovered that the parasites were “nibbling” at the human cells to eventually kill the cells. It appeared that the parasites utilized their cytoskeleton to create force to bite off portions of nearby cells. Once the cells were killed, the remains were left and the parasites moved on to new cells. The research team is working on a vaccine to protect children against this infection and these findings have provided significant insight into how this amoeba kills cells. 

Parasite Destroys Cells by “Nibbling”
Parasite Destroys Cells by “Nibbling”
Microscope reveals how amoeba that kills 70,000 people a year works, giving clues to how other infections could operate The gruesome means by which a parasite wreaks havoc in the human body has been laid bare for the first time by researchers who filmed the bug in action at the end of a ...