Marijuana May Protect Brain from Meth Damage

the MPR take:

Abuse of the psychostimulant methamphetamine (meth) can lead to brain damage, but research in PLOS One is the first study to suggest that marijuana could provide neuroprotective effects. Adult male rats that were administered methamphetamine hydrochloride had reduced neuronal damage markers, specifically the overexpression of neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS) and astrogliosis, and inflammation when given THC before and after the methamphetamine hydrochloride dose. The authors acknowledge that use of marijuana and meth together could exacerbate mental health issues in users, however it would appear in this study that marijuana could reduce brain damage caused by meth.

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Marijuana May Protect Brain from Meth Damage

Researchers from the University of Cagliari in Italy have suggested that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, could partially protect the brain from the damage caused by meth. It can also cause inflammation in the brain, and it is against this latter effect that THC may be helpful. “A neuroprotective effect of cannabinoid was likely mediated, at least in part, by its anti-inflammatory properties,” the researchers found.