Many Dermatology Residents Don't Report Errors

the MPR take:

Dermatology residents often do not report errors committed by other doctors or themselves, reports a study in JAMA Dermatology. A total of 142 dermatology residents from 44 programs in the U.S. and Canada were surveyed and found:

  • About 45% did not report if they had accidentally stuck themselves with a patient's needle in the past
  • Almost 97% mislabeled right or left body parts during examinations or biopsies
  • Close to 83% had copied and pasted information from a patient's previous visit into his or her medical record without checking if it was accurate
  • About 60% did not report errors because they worked with an intimidating attending doctor
  • About 78% had witnessed an attending disregard safety steps
Both patient safety and resident education programs are in effect, but the authors hope that this study will improve these efforts. 

Many Dermatology Residents Don't Report Errors
Many Dermatology Residents Don't Report Errors
What's more, those doctors-in-training, known as residents, don't often report the errors or speak up to prevent them, researchers found. "Part of medicine in today's world is finding where you can improve and working on those areas to get better," he said. Jillian Havey Swary, note in JAMA ...