Man's Best Friend Can Sniff Out Man's Worst Cancer

the MPR take:

Screening for prostate cancer has gone to the dogs- literally. Research presented at the American Urological Association annual meeting found that trained dogs were able to detect volatile organic compounds associated with prostate cancer in urine sample with 98% accuracy. However, these results do not reveal the reliability of the presence of these compounds in predicting prostate cancer, particularly aggressive prostate cancer. Other cancers that have been or are being studies using dogs include lung and ovarian cancers.

Dogs Sniff Out Prostate Cancer
Dogs Sniff Out Prostate Cancer

Dogs can sniff out prostate cancer with uncanny accuracy, Italian researchers reported on Sunday. men every year. “These dogs were really able to detect these particular compounds with a high degree of accuracy,” said Dr. The men with cancer had all different stages of the disease, from very low-risk, slow-growing tumors, to cancer that had spread.