Lifetime of Low Triglycerides with Single Gene Mutation

the MPR take:

Two studies in The New England Journal of Medicine have identified a gene mutation that reduces the risk of high cholesterol and heart disease by as much as 44%. People with mutations of the gene APOC3 had a 40% reduction in triglyceride levels and a 40% lower risk of heart disease in the first study, while those with the mutation had a 44% reduction in triglycerides and a 36% lower heart attack risk in the second study. A company has also been developing a drug that counteracts APOC3, with results showing a reduction in triglyceride levels by 71%.

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Lifetime of Low Triglycerides with Single Gene Mutation

Two major studies by leading research groups published on Wednesday independently identified mutations in a single gene that protect against heart attacks, the leading killer of Americans, by keeping levels of triglycerides — a kind of fat in the blood — very low for a lifetime. “After we have put people on high-dose statins, what else can we do.

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