Judge Lifts Ebola Quarantine for Nurse, But with Restrictions

the MPR take:

A judge in Maine has issued a temporary order rejecting the state’s Ebola quarantine confining nurse Hickox to her home, but she must monitor her symptoms daily, coordinate travel with state health officials, and provide notification if any symptoms appear. She is allowed to leave her home but is to avoid public places, public transportation, and maintain a 3-foot buffer from others while jogging or biking. Ms. Hickox has agreed to the requirements and her lawyers state that this is likely to end the debate between their client and the state on the proposed in-home quarantine. An additional hearing is scheduled for Tuesday but no changes are expected. Ms. Hickox does not have any symptoms of Ebola and has tested negative twice for the disease but the restrictions will remain in place until the 21-day incubation period ends on November 10th.

Judge Lifts Ebola Quarantine for Nurse, But with Restrictions
Ebola Quarantine for Nurse Lifted

Less than a day after confining a nurse who treated Ebola victims to her house, a judge in Maine has lifted the quarantine, rejecting arguments by the State of Maine that the measure was necessary to protect the public.

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