Infographic: Healthcare Changes Since "Mad Men"

the MPR take:

Over the course of six seasons, the characters on the AMC television show "Mad Men" have undergone significant changes in their professional and personal lives. As the show enters its seventh and final season, this article examines changes to the healthcare system in the US since 1960 (the setting for the pilot episode). Presented in infographic format, Dan Diamond from The Advisory Board company highlights the four most significant changes that have occurred since the days of Don Draper:

  • The cost of healthcare ($27 B spent in 1960 vs $2,593 B in 2010).
  • Smoking has decreased (42% in 1965 vs. 21% in 2005) but drinking has increased (Liters per capita: 8.4 in 1965 vs. 8.8 in 2008). For the most part, we think about our health more now than we did back then.
  • Life expectancy has increased significantly since the 1960s. More prevention, better detection and increased interventions are attributed to improvements in healthcare.
  • Equal rights in medicine: The number of females who have gone on to become physicians and nurse practitioners has increased although male physicians are still being compensated better than female physicians


Infographic: HealthCare Changes Since "Mad Men"
Infographic: HealthCare Changes Since "Mad Men"
“Mad Men” returns for its seventh season on AMC on Sunday night, with Don Draper, Joan Holloway, and the rest of the extended Sterling Cooper family back for an extended final go. As a health care wonk, one treat of watching “Mad Men” has been how the show's creators have used the characters' ...