In Dubai, Losing Pounds Means Gaining Gold

the MPR take:

Childhood obesity is a significant problem in Dubai, so the emirate has rolled out a program that incentivizes families to lose weight with a gold reward for pounds shed. Based on last year’s “Your Weight in Gold” campaign, families with a child between 2–14 years of age can receive two grams of gold per person for each kilogram (2.2 lbs.) of weight lost; individuals who participate receive only one gram of gold per kilogram of weight lost. Progress is monitored at sites run by health officials and the program ends on September 15th. Experts are worried that this program could encourage families to push their children to lose too much weight or too quickly, especially if the children are under the age of four. However, for children who are obese a weight loss of 2 kilograms/month is considered safe.

Can Gold Curb Childhood Obesity in Dubai?
In Dubai, Losing Pounds Means Gaining Gold

Dubai has some of the heaviest citizens in the world, and last year found a pretty effective way to motivate them to lose weight: gold. This summer, the emirate is at it again, and this time it wants to also give gold to children who shed pounds. But some health professionals are worried the program might lead to crash dieting and other health problems for kids.