For IVF, Vaginal Gel as Effective as Shots

the MPR take:

According to a new study in the journal Human Reproduction, vaginal progesterone gel is as effective as IM progesterone (IMP) in pregnancy outcomes for IVF patients receiving vitrified blastocysts. A retrospective analysis of 920 frozen embryo transfer cycles from January 2010 to September 2012 showed similar outcomes for implantation, clinical pregnancies, and live births for the two groups of women who receiving either vaginal progesterone gel or IMP. Because progesterone injections can be painful for the patient, the medication in gel form could be a suitable alternative.

For IVF, Vaginal Gel As Effective as Shots
For IVF, Vaginal Gel As Effective as Shots

The results may encourage more doctors and women to use the hormone gel, which tends to be much less painful than the shot that's injected into the muscle, according to the study's lead author. "Progesterone in oil is much less expensive but it is notoriously painful and usually requires that a second person do the injection, while vaginal gel is more expensive but tolerated much better in most patients who can self-administer the drug," Dr.