Exercise, Diet Boost Gut Bacteria

the MPR take:

Reduced gut microbiota diversity has been associated with the risk of some diseases and syndromes, but a new study is the first to link exercise to gut microbial diversity. Forty professional rugby players were evaluated for metabolic blood markers and gut microbiota diversity along with data on their diet and exercise habits. Compared to the control group, the athletes had lower inflammatory and better metabolic markers in the blood and a greater variety of gut microbiota. A positive association was also found between protein intake and diversity. While most people are unlikely to eat and exercise like a professional athlete, exercising more and eating a healthy diet that includes protein could benefit the gut.

Case Study: Young Man With Difficulty Lifting Right Arm
Exercise, Diet Boost Gut Bacteria

Objective: The commensal microbiota, host immunity and metabolism participate in a signalling network, with diet influencing each component of this triad. In addition to diet, many elements of a modern lifestyle influence the gut microbiota but the degree to which exercise affects this population is unclear.