Couples Sleep Better if Wife is Happy

the MPR take:

Happy wife, happy sleep? Research presented at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine annual meeting reported that married couples are more likely to have synced sleep-wake schedules if the wife has greater martial satisfaction. Forty-six couples were assessed for 10 days on habitual sleep patterns and participated in conversations regarding the source of conflict in their relationship. While overall synchrony in schedules was approximately 75%, this number increased when the wife reported higher marital satisfaction.&

Couples Sleep Better If Wife is Happy
Couples Sleep Better If Wife is Happy

A happier wife may bring better sleep for husbands. The study indicates that partners who sleep in the same bed are awake, or asleep, at the same time for 75 percent of the time – but it also suggests that the percentage is higher if the wife has a higher level of marital satisfaction. “This suggests that our sleep patterns are regulated not only by when we sleep, but also by with whom we sleep.”.